About Us

SADOS was formed in 1925 with its first production of Columbus.  Prior to this as with most Sunday Schools in the area entertainment at the start of the new year usually took the form of a play or children’s concert and St. Annes was no different.

The cast would be made up of members of the Sunday school, with the advent of operettas being introduced. The church choir and church organist became involved and St. Annes Operatic Society was formed. 

             The church community dads helped to paint and erect scenery whilst the church community mothers  spent hours on making costumes or making tea. Within the group there was always someone who could play the piano, do a few dance steps or even act on stage. There was always friendship and total commitment.

The first musical show was Me and My Gal in 1955 and all succeeding shows up to 1961 had St Annes parish church hall as its venue.  Within the society productions, there was full orchestra and authentic hired costumes and the pleasure of performing to appreciative audiences in large venues fully equipped to accommodate us. The group has its own worthwhile tradition of promoting local talent and providing live entertainment for the benefit of the community. 

Although we have experienced some difficult times along the way with increasing venue costs and indeed been on the brink of closing, our faith, friendship, and commitment  have helped us come through with stronger determination and more productions in the end. SADOS has now put on at least 100 different productions. We were also very grateful to Four Lane Ends who came forward and gave us not just a hall to practice and produce our very successful plays and pantomimes each year, but also a lot more besides including support. Such generosity proving that the original Christian spirit is still with us. We now have over 40 members within the society including adults and children also. We are still going just as strong as in previous years with members helping to paint and erect scenery, to produce our productions, choreographer, do stage lighting and sound effects, prompt, make costumes, do cast make up and musically direct our productions. love, devotion, time, experience and lots more into the society.

 In 2010 we sadly lost our long reigning chairwoman Mrs Pauline Cartridge who had been in the society for at least 42 years. She had put a lot of love, devotion, time, experience and lots more into the society. We have learnt a lot from Pauline and she will be sadly missed by all, but as she would  have said the show must go on.


Clipper Board We always welcome help and support of our group,
so if you feel you can help in any way
, or would like to come to our next production please feel free to do so.
Dics Chair